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Off and running


Aida first act set
Aida first act set

This season is Sarasota Opera’s biggest ever and as of Dec. 27 we were off and running. 57 singers arrived on that day, in addition to the stage managers, music, and production staff.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to reenter the world of blogging. The idea is to chronicle the (mostly) ups and (occasional) downs of working in opera. I’m as enthusiastic as ever about this art form (it’s been a part of my life since I was very young) and although there are many challenges, and the environment is undeniably changing, I think in the end, it will survive and thrive.

Look at the excitement for opera in this community. Sarasota, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is a city of 53,000 and a metropolitan area of 720,000, which supports a $8M opera company along with an orchestra, ballet, and two professional theaters of similar size. I’m happy (no, relieved) to say that ticket sales are very strong and are recovering from the lows of the recession (this past fall was our best ever). And many new opera goers have been entered into our database.

So right now we’re on a high. The vagaries of our business are such that that could change on a dime. But right now, I’m excited.